We would like to introduce you to Lobo Guitar Lee.


Country, Rock n' Roll, Blues and a pinch of soul in true Lobo style!

His unique sound has been shaped and formed during his travels and 1000s of gigs around the globe. There tend to be a rocking party and both the band and the audience has a lot of fun together!


With his warm voice, far-reaching guitar playing and personal storys from his travels so you´re in for a great evening, as you who has previously experienced Lobo will know on Jazz & Blues /country- festivals, and other events different years. Lobo and Anette made a tour in California and Texas and Tennessee 2010 & 2015 with local drummer and keyboardplayer.


"Lobo is a vicious slide-guitarist, but also has a rough, nice singing voice, which positions itself between Fogerty and Cash." "... it is of course live this ass-kicking music comes into its best." (L. Asplund - Corren) , "The heart knows no boundaries and it is no doubt that Lee plays with his heart .." R. Bretzer - Skanska Dagbladet)


In between gigs he’s often seen jammin around with different musicians with his Dobro and some times Banjo, Mandolin or violin etc -

“If it has a string, he can make it sing”



Booking Lobo:

(orders for demos can be placed here, too)


+46 708-915491 or +46 705-539068

email: booking@lobolee.com

Lobo Malmoe Copenhagen Jazz & Blues festival-07 Photo Richard Jacob